Residential Services

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  • Spring start-ups 
  • Winterizations/Fall blow-outs 
  • Micro-makeovers - water-wise conversions for existing systems 
  • Repairs, add-ons, and water-wise conversions for all makes of existing systems
  • New installations - design, install, and maintain 
  • Advice on water-wise landscapes 
  • Annual backflow prevention / cross-connection testing 
  • Landscape lighting 
  • NEW Customer Agreements - automate your irrigation maintenance services 

 Our Guarantee 

Island Smart warrantees all workmanship and parts. 


The essential components of a water-wise irrigation system include: 

1. Shut-off valve to turn your system on or off 

2. Controller to program the system’s operation and adjust for landscape needs and weather conditions 

3. Double check valve assembly, a back-flow prevention device required by City of Nanaimo bylaws on all irrigation systems, to protect the public water supply and your drinking water 

4. Blow-out valve for winterizing the system to prevent freezing of pipes and valves 

5. Rain sensor to automatically detect rain or moisture and temporarily shut off the system 

6. Sprinkler heads and emitters selected specifically for your landscape’s needs to get the most out of each drop 

7. Pressure-reducer prolong the efficiency and life of your system 



Adopting water savvy habits will save you money while maintaining and extending the community's water supply, especially during peak use and times of water restrictions. 

Water-wise Strategies:

Eliminate using water where it is not needed and install automatic watering for “just right” distribution of water

Water at specific times of the day for lowest evaporation

Plant drought-tolerant species of plants 

Have your irrigation system inspected regularly to ensure optimal performance

Use low-volume irrigation  such as drip or sub-surface irrigation

We can provide advice on adjusting your landscape so it requires less water and maintenance, while still providing a beautiful outdoor environment

Add to the beauty with landscape lighting and extend your outdoor enjoyment into the evening


Island Smart is one of the few local irrigation contractors certified to install and test water backflow prevention devices, which protect drinking water from contamination. 


We specialize in micro and drip irrigation. “Micro-irrigation" refers to a family of irrigation systems that apply water through small devices. These devices deliver water onto the soil surface very near the plant, such as through micro spray emitters, or below the soil surface directly into the plant root zone. 

Micro-irrigation systems can be modified to suit your needs for precision water application. 

Drip irrigation is a special form of micro- irrigation that can be set up underground to deliver water directly to plant roots, or as individual above-ground drip emitters. 

We also work with traditional automatic sprinkler systems. 


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